• VibroCon SE
It is a high range water reducing admixture specially good for use in manufactured concrete products.
VibroCon SE is an innovative superplasticizer based on a blend of polymers, especially good for use in concrete blocks or in other dry-mix applications. With this admixture you can make your products with high level of economics, performance, aesthetics and durability. VibroCon SE disperses the cement particles and it improves the cement hydration. Same time it increases the mobility of the cement paste and improves compaction. It helps to control segregation and bleeding and this admixture gives increased strength in the hardened state. VibroCon SE also increases early strength, it increases turnover of forms and it improves plant efficiency.

  • a. Prevents premature drying in warm or windy conditions
  • b. Improves the quality of the mixture, it allows the use of a wider range of aggregates without loss of quality
  • c. Giving greater cement savings without negative effects on compressive strength
  • d. Improves compaction
  • e. Improves the finished appearance of the product even with poor shaped aggregates
  • f. The high potential energy saving
  • g. Permanent concrete consistency and a protection from a separation
  • h. Reduces the bleeding of concrete
  • i. High level of water reduction
  • k. Excellent dynamic of increasing of compressive strength

  • Excellent at factories producing concrete on a place (ie, pre-cast concrete plants) and manafactures of products from a concrete.

    • ⇒ Weight of admixture by weight of cement: 0.1 - 0.9%

  • Appearance: light blue solution
  • Ph: 5.2 ± 1.0
  • Density (20°C, g/cm3): 1.04 ± 0.02
  • Chloride content, %: max.0,10
  • Alkaline content (in form of Na2O), M%: max.2.5

Supplied in 1000 kg containers, 220 kg drums, 25 kg cans.
Minimum shelf life - 12 months if stored in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in unopened original packaging.
Store at +5°C, in a closed container to avoid direct sunlight, protect from high temperatures. If the product is frozen, thaw at positive temperature and stir. Mismatch recommended storage conditions can lead to premature damage to the packaging or change in the properties of the product.

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